Cockroaches have been around for about 300 million years and are hated mainly because they spread disease, taint with odour of places they exist and the fouling of all surfaces in which they infest including food and their speedy reproductive numbers. They scare people at night and are difucult to squash because of the speed directions in which they move. They are also attributed to be a major cause of asthma and of the 3500 known species less than 10 are regarded as pests.

Cockroaches have well honed and developed survival skills. They eat virtually any animal or plant matter whether fresh or processed from crumbs and grease to to gum used in book bindings. Often Cockroaches come out once everyone has gone home for example in tea rooms they are known to be seen after dark as often they are nocturnal. They have a pheromone in their cuticle and their droppings and this indicates safety hence many being found in small close knit harbourages and under kitchen cupboards and behind most appliances. It is not only the German Cockroach that lives in the kitchen. Cockroaches groom themselves by running their antennae and legs through their mouth with a nibbling action.

Modern treatment for Cockroaches involves a quick inspection upon arriving for the job to determine what kind of treatment the pest manager will perform. Gel treatments are the best alternative for German Cockroaches however to treat the Gisborne or American roach a spray treatment is always all that is needed. Contact Mayfair Pest Control to make a booking.

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests that invade the household these days. There are many species of Cockroaches however the most common varieties are the German and the Gisborne roach.

gisborne cockroach


German Cockroaches are often found clambering around inside the kitchen cupboards infesting areas such as the pantry, under the sink areas and inside the hot water cupboards. The most common form of treatment for German Cockroaches is a Gel Treatment. There are sprays to treat them but Gel treatments are more effective in the manner that they have a transfer effect due to te habits they perform.Once a German Cockroach has been infected with the chosen gel baits then grooming and the consumption of other feces and dead are the best ways to transfer the poisons therefore killing up to as many as 40 more in the death chain.

To get rid of roaches contact you pest manager to quote the job or give you an idea of cost before treating. One treatment is often all is needed due to the nature of treatments on the professional pest controllers suppliers lists.

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