Eliminate Fleas In Your House 

Do your or your gets get bitten by fleas? Do you see them jumping on you?

Then you most likely have FLEAS. A newly hatched adult flea is unfed, small, black and aggressive – some people mistakenly refer to these as ground or sand fleas. After they have had a blood meal, fleas lighten in colour and become larger. For every flea on your pet there may be hundreds waiting to hatch!


Flea treatments by Mayfair Pest control are what you NEED. Bombs do NOT work. They just waste your money because they do not stay around long enough to have an effect.

The solution for successful flea control is:

A carpet treatment by US

Treatment of the pet and the pet’s environment

(if necessary in and outside the house)

along with some patience. after reading our brochure you will see how treatments work

Having your carpet treated along with the animal is the best medicine for getting rid of fleas. Its a misnomer that having animals is the cause of fleas and actually having an animal will help you get rid of the fleas faster. Believe it or not !!!….leave your comment below to receive a flea brochure to help you understand the treatment of fleas and how it works including the process. call us to book your flea treatment in it only takes 4 hours out of your life to treat fleas and stay out of the house to make sure that you become flea free.

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We use the latest equipment for all our pest control jobs. Our machines are well serviced and operate efficiently towards both the environment and the interior of your home. We keep you informed of time scales and entry periods so you are safe 100% of the time

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