The breeding cycle is there fore enhanced with the onset of warm weather due to their reliance on higher temperatures to allow development , their rapid life cycle and large egg laying capacity.

Successful fly management programmes focus on reducing breeding areas and treating to reduce populations of emerging adults. The most successful of fly reduction is a combination physical barriers, reducing attraction and application of residual sprays where flies land and gather. This is often under eaves , in vegetation and inside on building walls. Flies then land on treated surfaces and the spray then enters the body.

Keeping rubbish bins from overflowing and with appropriate lids on, babies nappies to a minimum inside, compost bins away from the house and vegetation that is climbing up on the outside walls are good ways of keeping down fly breeding sites.

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Cluster flies have in the last year been the pain for many rural and farm houses. The Cluster Fly invades in plague like proportions in the rural community due to its breeding nature and feeding on earth worms. Wet and humid conditions are partly to blame and often there is no defence on the pesky visitors.

Cluster flies are aptly named due to their habitual ability to communicate with each other by using pheromone’s which is a scent to to summon each other into clusters. Once flies have hatched they go in search of warm houses and can often occur in groups of 10,000 in one house and none in houses either side. This is due to the perfume that signalling system that sends messages to other flies which say “hey its ok over here nice and cosy to spend the night”. Cluster Flies do not present a health hazard because they are not attracted to human food unlike normal house flies they are strictly parasitic on worms, the females lay their eggs near the worm burrows and then the larvae infest the worms.

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