Ant Control In Hawkes Bay

Hawkes Bay has a major Ant problem. This is due to the sandy nature of our soil.
Most people when treating their homes opt for the main method of spraying the outside areas. Ants mainly come from outside areas so therefore a base treatment of the house and garden and soil bed areas is often successful in eliminating them from inside 

Ant control Hawkes bay

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Reducing Ants Outside

The most successful of Ant reduction is a combination physical barriers, Reducing foliage up against homes and cutting back bushes and trees will help in keeping them off your home.

Why Are Ants All In Trails

  • Queens send out their worker ants to find food and tell every other ant where to get their food.
  • When you see trails of ants grow to thicker trails it means they have found all the food and have left indicators of pheromones' to tell them where it is.
  • This is why you see thicker ant trails day by day until the food source has been gathered and fed back to the rest of the colony of Ants.

How To Get Rid Of  Ants

  • Usually you will contact your pest technician who can treat the outside of your home with a special product.
  • If inside has an infestation that an outside treatment wont fix then a fumigation of inside is usually needed.

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