Spider Control In Hawkes Bay

White Tail Spiders are the most common species and have been introduced here in New Zealand from Australia. They are vagrant hunters who often seek out their prey rather than spin webs to capture it. They are most active at night time which is why most human bites appear in the sleep and they generally hunt out other prey mainly the common black house spider.

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Spider control

White tails do not build webs at all and are mainly found outside although when inside they are looking for food. They can walk on glass due to specialized hair on their legs. They often wander about beds and clothing.

How To Get Rid Of Spiders

  • To get rid of spiders it is best to have your home sprayed inside and outside with a special spider product that puts a seal around your home to stop them getting in and dying if they do.
  • Most cases of White Tail Spider bites only leave a red mark and some annoying itching and swelling. Any necrosis is often found from some other source.
  • Although they don't spin webs it is best to de web your home and outside guttering so daddy long legs and other species don't gather
  • Keeping rubbish areas nice and clean and free of bacteria
  • The common misnomer regarding White Tail Spider bites is that they produce the necrosis ulcer following a bit however this is not the case and no studies have found in over 130 cases that this is the case.

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