Rat & Mouse Control In Hawkes Bay

If you are hearing noises in your roof space or your walls then its most likely you have rats or mice up there.

They do a lot of harm. You must be careful about how you keep your food stuffs and garbage inside or outside your home and office because you may welcome the rats for meals. Rats live closely to humans and spread many deadly diseases.

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We sell rat and mouse box packages for the residential or commercial property.
We can tailor make a package to suit your needs and they can come with a pre-baited option or just an organic snap trap option.

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Habits of Rats & Mice

Rats can jump, swim, and gnaw. They usually nest inside the home, but might also live outside, making holes in areas round the lawns and fields. Rats live in a little territory, traveling exclusively ten to thirty feet from their nests for food. They are hardy seen or detected when dark and inside the first morning.

As the rats spread germs and viruses, your food will definitely be contaminated by it. You may get stomach ache or serious issue and can cause salmonella.

Rats love uncollected waste and trash, food for pets and birds that has been left out and not eaten, fruits and berries that have fallen to the ground, untended compost heaps, dog droppings, discarded food

How To Get Rid Of Rats

  • Your pest control technician is the best way to get rid of rats in and around your home.
  • By strategically putting either rat snap traps hidden in rat boxes with special baits and lures
  • We use special lockable rat and mice boxes so children cannot get into them.
  • Each rat or mouse infestation can take up to 8 weeks to be eliminated
  • Rats can gnaw habitually and ruin pipes that are connected to dishwashers and fridges or washing machines
  • Live rats running inside your home need to be contained quickly to avoid horrendous and expensive damage

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